The innovations that will come out from BeGREEN require a very diverse set of expertise in the following key areas:
• End users' perspective, to ensure target impact to selected KVIs.
• 5G network expertise from operator point of view, require for efficient analysis of the network architecture.
• mMIMO HW, e.g., GPU/CPU/etc., and signal processing implementation, required for HW acceleration.
• RU architecture and manufacturing expertise, required for RU operations optimisations.
• RF sensing and RADAR expertise, required for sensing assisted improvements of RAN resource allocation.
• AI/ML algorithms knowledge, required for RAN control plane and air-interface optimisations.
• RAN, with a focus on O-RAN and air-interface design.
• NFV and edge architecture, required to design energy efficient mechanisms at the edge and network.

The associated technological, industrial and research challenges that BeGREEN will address belong to different and diverse domains. Hence, BeGREEN consortium is formed by participants along the value and technology chain, capable of achieving the project goals. Moreover, BeGREEN partners were carefully selected to provide the complementary skills and competences required to deliver the project targets, which adequately cover all the project objectives and activities.