O-RAN experimental evaluation datasets


| Contributed by: J. Xavier Salvat Lozano, et al. (NEC) |
The Open Radio Access Network (O-RAN) Alliance's most recent innovations are propelling the evolution of RAN deployments, moving away from conventionally closed and specialized hardware implementations and toward virtualized instances running over shared platforms and distinguished by open interfaces. Such progressive decoupling of radio software components from the hardware is paving the road for future efficient and cost-effective RAN deployments. However, there are still a lot of open challenges before O-RAN networks can be successfully deployed. Many of these open challenges include real-time network parameter configuration to maximize performance, providing enough computing resources required for vRAN deployment, and how to share processing units among multiple vRAN instances reliably. To shed light on these aspects, we have released the following datasets, which collect experimental data from published papers that research O-RAN deployments for 5G networks. It includes rich data on computing consumption, energy consumption, and other aspects that can help other researchers to develop a new solution for O-RAN deployments.

Link: O-RAN experimental evaluation datasets