EuCNC 2023 Workshop on “The role of AI in Edge 6G topologies”
EuCNC 2023 Workshop on “The role of AI in Edge 6G topologies”

The Workshop entitled "The role of AI in Edge 6G topologies" was held at EuCNC'23. The workshop intended to draw lessons learned and a strategic way forward from the following 5 EU funded R&D projects: BRAINE, VERGE, ACES, SmartEdge, and BeGREEN.
The structure embraced a first part based on presentations of two-page papers by each of the organizing projects to set the scene. The second act counted with Invited Speakers presentations to broaden the perspective. The structure of the Workshop included a final panel featuring the Technical Managers (or key contributors) of the five projects.
The final programme of the Workshop included 4 distinguished invited speakers. A very interesting panel discussion closed the Workshop, gathering 30+ attendants. The discussion was around the following questions:
• Why is the combination of 6G and Edge so important for Europe ?, Which early adopter applications do you foresee?
• Massive Edge AI, will still require data collection, curation, storage, analytics, training, seamless inferencing in distributed environments. What are the main challenges that need to be addressed?
• How will AI drive sustainability of 6G, energy efficiency?
• How will the conflicts between the various AI engines (sensing, communicating, interpreting, acting) and running at the edge be resolved?
From BeGREEN Dr Mir Ghoraishi, Project Manager presented BeGREEN architecture and objectives, and Simon Pryor (Coordinator) participated in the panel discussions. Overall, the Workshop was a very good opportunity to disseminate BeGREEN's objectives and approach, interact with other projects, discuss with other researchers and identify possible paths of new collaborations.