WCNC 2024 Expert Panel Discussion co-organised by BeGREEN project manager!

BeGREEN project manager, Dr Mir Ghoraishi, is co-organising an expert panel discussion in WCNC 2024 on "Energy Efficiency in Wireless Communications Networks, 5G to 6G Challenges and Opportunities" participated by distinguished experts: Dr Volker Ziegler, Prof. Merouane Debbah, Dr Chiara Lombardo, and Dr Paolo Dini!
This panel is co-organised by SNS BeGREEN Project, 6Green Project, SNS Verge, and Greenedge ITN, bringing together ideas from different perspectives on sustainability and energy efficiency in 6G, such as:
· Energy efficiency in wireless network, discuss the challenges and opportunities.
· Major energy consumers in wireless network and their evolution from 5G to 6G
· Metrics of energy efficiency in current and future mobile networks
· Challenges of using AI for improving network energy efficiency, notably AI sustainability and energy consumption
· Evolution of the service-based architecture (SBA), from 5G to 6G, to improve energy efficiency
· The role of Open RAN in sustainability and energy efficiency enhancement of the network

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